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    About Us

    1. In 1993, Xinxing Machinery Factory was founded by three people.

    2. In 1998, we accomplished the first five year plan which output had reached to 10 millions yuan.

    3. In 1998, Xinxing North Factory was founded and put into production, it was major in concrete mixer and coverd an area of 24 acres,

    4. In 1999, Xinxing North Factory removed and came into the second reconstruction, besides, put into production this year.

    5. In 1999, Xinxing Machinery Factory changed into Qingdao Xinxing Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    6. In 2000, passed ISO9001-1994 Quality Management System.

    7. In 2000, accomplished QY20 tower crane’s research and development, and launch into market.

    8. In 2000, accomplished the first set HZS25 concrete batching plant’s research and development, and launch into market.

    9. In 2001, accomplished the HBT Concrete Pump’s trial-manufacture.

    10. In 2001, second expanded factory area, which covering an area of 80 acres.

    11. In 2001, JZC Concrete Mixer production sales break through 2000 sets.

    12. In 2002, HZS Series Concrete Batching Plant had been successfully put on the market.

    13. In 2003, production value break through 100 millions, successfully accomplished the second five year plan in Xinxing’s history.

    14. In 2003, founded Dasen Treading Co.,Ltd.

    15. In 2004, Xinxing Company’s company magazine 《Xinxing Newspaper》 founded and came into issued in the internal.

    16. In 2004, for the first time to participate in Munich, Germany Bauma International Engineering Machinery Exhibition, marks the international business totally developed in the global scope.

    17. In 2005, founded Qingdao Xinxing Group Company.

    18. In 2006, Concrete pump have a good development, into a separate company, Qingdao Co-nele Heavy Industry Company.

    19. In 2007, Xinxing office building accomplished and came into use.

    20. In 2007, Group Company Chairman Lin Lijin joined the National People’s Congress.

    21. In 2008, 《Xinxing Science and Technology》created and came into issued, provided a platform for the technical exchange.

    22. In 2008, Xinxing little goods and dry mortar mixing plant separate into Xinxing little goods department.

    23. In 2009, Xinxing Group Company rename to CHNQF.

    24. In 2009, response to the appeal of country’s western development, founded the first outer production base at Nan Ning, in the same year, Guangxi Subsidiary founded.

    25. In 2009, Qingdao Xinxing Technique Center was rated as Municipal Development Center.

    26. In 2010, response to the appeal of country’s western development, founded the second outer production base at Xi An, in the same year, Shanxi Subsidiary founded.

    27. In 2010, Dry Mortar Production Facility increasing into the leading position, Xinxing Little Goods Department renamed Dry-mortar Mixing Devices Center.

    28. In 2011, company took the construction machinery export first big bill –the ministry of commerce batching plant, which is the biggest of the domestic concrete industry.

    29. In 2011, company was honored with “The national ready-mixed mortar production and related equipment manufacturing demonstration enterprise”

    30. In 2012, technique magazine 《Xinxing Science and Technology》renamed 《CHNQF Technology and Management》and issued.

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